Monday, 16 February 2009


Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the creativity and genius - Essential viewing for anyone involved in the creative process - thanks Andy and Chris for the heads up!

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  1. So I watched this.

    And I liked it.

    It made me uneasy though.

    I realise it wasn't incumbent upon her to attempt a full explication of the creative process. But i do think she radically underplayed the role of craft.

    Inspiration is unreliable at best; vanishingly rare at worst.

    When it's not there, you have to rely on craft skills. Even when it strikes, you probably need craft skills to give it its fullest expression.

    Which is a roundabout way of introducing the latest addition to my mental blogroll:

    It's a bunch of romance writers talking about what they do.

    Refreshingly for creative types, they make no claims to transcendence. No grand, ethereal maxims.

    It's just an honest attempt to get to grips with their craft. Real nuts and bolts stuff.