Monday, 12 January 2009

Musical Therapy

Robert Burton wrote in the 17th century in his classic work, The Anatomy of Melancholy, that music and dance were critical in treating mental illness, especially melancholia. Perhaps that’s why, in these uncertain times, more and more people are turning to song and dance on the web to connect and combat the anxiety of the economic downturn. For your own dose of web enabled musical medicine check out:

Beyonce’s Single Ladies has sparked a dance craze not seen since Soulja Boy (here in a meeting of dance memes with the inmates of CPDRC), with almost 30.000 Youtube uploads at last count. Like Daft Hands before it, as more and more people reinterpret the routine, the challenge to distinguish is becoming harder/faster/weirder!

Find more videos like this on Top Secret Dance Off

Top Secret Dance Off turns this throwdown challenge into a team game where you and your team members compete in filmed challenges to show off your mad interpretive dance skills. You can play with your friends anywhere in the world with group events and parties to come.

In the UK, Lucky Voice, the new Karaoke venture from Martha Lane Fox (the brains behind is revolutionizing a good night in with a web enabled microphone device that allows you to set up your own karaoke bar in the comfort of your own lounge.

Auditorium is one of the most delightful ways I have found to get a little musical magic in my life. It’s an incredibly beautiful, classical themed, interactive puzzle that uses directional paddles to fill audio bars with light and music. Spend hours hypnotically manipulating light and music and just try to keep the smile off your face.

Take that (economic) depression!

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